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Functional Friday #2

Hello everyone! Happy Functional Friday!! (ok, so we were a little late getting this one up lol)   This week I wanted to touch on simple, low-cost ways to remove toxins and improve the air quality of your home. NASA conducted a study to determine ways to clean the air in spaceships and determined there are multiple household plants that can do the job. I will dive into those plants and what they clean shortly. For now, let’s discuss air purifiers and filters for your air conditioning units. There are some great air purifiers and then there are some not...

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Functional Friday #1

Functional Friday

Hello everyone!  I wanted to start off functional Fridays with something simple and FREE that you can start today that will reduce the toxins brought into your house. Take Your Shoes Off! This simple task of removing your shoes by the door and not tracking all the outdoor toxins into your home (especially if you have carpet) is an effective way to begin. I began doing this in my new place and have found it instantly relaxing in a way. Taking your shoes off after a long day at work and the knowledge of not tracking that junk into your...

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